Our Vision

At Chapel of Hope and Light, we believe in the power of diversity and unity. Our mission is to create a space where people can explore, celebrate, and honor the richness of various faiths while fostering a deeper understanding and connection with one another. This ministry affirms and promotes the full participation of all persons in all our activities without regard to race, color, gender, physical or mental challenge, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age, socio-economic status, or national origin.

Discover the Beauty of Interfaith Worship

In our sanctuary, we bring together the wisdom and practices of different religions, creating a tapestry of spiritual exploration. Our inclusive services and interfaith approach can best be described as a mixture of Spiritualism, Folk Catholicism, nature worship, Paganism, and elements of Unitarian Universalism, where we seek to bridge divides and cultivate a sense of shared spirituality.

Events: Celebrating Together

While our church is not open to the public, we host various public events to provide opportunities for personal growth, learning, and spiritual renewal, from interactive workshops and discussion groups to guided meditations, shamanic journeys, prayer circles, and online events.

The Chapel

Our chapel is not open to public visitors. It is where we tend to several altars dedicated to many paths where we dress and pray over candles on behalf of others.

chapel of hope and light

Chapel Altars

Here are three of the many altars that are tended to in the chapel.


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